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Daphne Jackson Fellow

Physiology, Behavior and Ecology of marine mammals and seabirds


My PhD research at the University of California at Santa Cruz focused on the development of diving in Australian sea lions. After my doctorate, I worked as a marine mammal biologist in Antartica and the Arctic, as a science writer and mass media fellow at National Public Radio in Washington DC, taught a college-accredited course on killer whale acoustics in the San Juans Islands, and worked as a seal biologist and field tutor studying Weddell seals on the Ross Ice Shelf for the University of Canterbury and Antartica New Zealand. 
My current research as a Daphne Jackson fellow at the University of Roehampton focuses on ageing in black-legged kittiwakes on Middleton Island, Alaska- unravelling the mysteries of how elderly seabirds keep flying, diving and thriving when they should be retiring.

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